Atlas Brew Works

Contact information

Atlas Brew Works logo
Business Name: Atlas Brew Works
Address: 2052 West Virginia Avenue, NE #102, Washington, DC 20002
Phone:  (202) 832-0420

System details


Size: 67.5 kW
Installer: Solar Solution
Date of Install: December 2015


Who we are

Atlas Brew Works is the District’s first solar powered craft brewery. We locally produce craft beer in our Ivy City facility in Northeast DC. Atlas draft and canned beer is available in bars, restaurants, and stores in the District, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee. The brewery Tap Room is open seven days a week for flights, pints, and tours.

Why we went solar

We believe that being a good environmental steward is everyone’s responsibility. The brewing process is inherently energy intensive, so using solar power is one major way we can offset its carbon footprint

Benefits of going solar

Solar allows us to further our environmental goals while connecting with our consumers who share our values. Solar also creates economic savings that helps keep our small business financially healthy. We’re proud to have been recognized with a Sustainability Award from the District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment for our green efforts.