Discretion Brewing

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Location: 2703 41st Avenue, Suite A, Soquel, California 95073

Website: www.discretionbrewing.com

Size of solar system: 30 kW

Solar installer: Allterra Solar

Solar since: 2014

Why we went solar: As a certified Green Business in California, we make sustainable choices that are good for the Earth as well as our customers, such as brewing with organic ingredients, using a brew system that was designed with conservation in mind, having an edible, organic beer garden, and of course, harnessing the power of the sun to brew our beer.

Benefits we’ve enjoyed since going solar: In its first full year of its operation, our 30kW solar system provided enough energy to offset over 90,000 lbs of CO2; that’s like planting over 1,000 trees grown to maturity! 4 years later, we’re still proud to be doing our part for the earth, and the money we save from our energy bill can be used for other important aspects of our family-run business.

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