Jackie O’s Brewery

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Location: 25 Campbell Street, Athens, OH, 45701

Website: www.jackieos.com

Size of solar system: 93.8 kW

Solar installer: Third Sun Solar

Solar since: 2016

Why we went solar: Implementing solar power is one of the steps we have taken that puts our company wide policy of “Sustainably Crafted With Purpose” into action. Taking measures that benefit the environment is not only the right thing to do, it is something we can feel good about as a company, as individuals, and as a community.

Benefits we’ve enjoyed since going solar: About half of our electricity at the brewery is now supplied by our own solar array. Our employees, customers, and community can feel good knowing the beer they are drinking is produced with a commitment to sustainability. Reduced electric bills and all of the positive feedback have just been some of the benefits.

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