Legal Remedy Brewing Company

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Location: 129 Oakland Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29730


Size of solar system: 30 kW

Solar installer: Sunstore Solar

Solar since: 2015

Why we went solar: We started this brewery with the goal to be as green as possible. We reduce waste any way we can, from outsourcing spent grain to local farms to using compostable materials in our restaurant. Collecting solar energy is just one more way we try to reduce our impact on the environment. The tax incentives and free electricity are an added bonus.

Benefits we’ve enjoyed since going solar: Our beer production costs are significantly reduced by the use of solar power and our solar arrays are aesthetically designed to provide partial shade to our beer garden, voted one of the best local places to enjoy a beer outside! Many of our patrons don’t even notice they are sitting under the very source of power that made their beer.

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