Tell Ohio Utilities: No increase to fixed charges!

Ohio utilities want to increase fixed charges on our electric bills to stop us from going solar and protect their monopoly.

Our electric bills have several types of charges, including a volumetric charge which fluctuates with the amount of electricity you use each month, and a constant fixed charge.

Several Ohio utilities including Duke Energy, FirstEnergy, and Dayton Power & Light have requested the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to approve an increase in “fixed charges”.

Making fixed charges a larger percentage of a customer’s utility bill reduces the amount that customers can save by using less energy or generating their own solar power. Raising fixed charges also penalizes low- and fixed-income users who already struggling to pay their utility bills.

We can fight back such unfair charges and win against Ohio’s monopoly utilities. Last year, after ratepayers and solar advocates spoke out against a $10/month fixed rate charge increase proposed by American Electric Power, the utility withdrew its request. Public pressure was critical in forcing the utility to back down. Now we need your voice to continue fighting for Ohio ratepayers.

The PUCO is accepting public comment about the proposed fixed rate increases. Solar United Neighbors of Ohio is organizing solar homeowners and businesses and those that care about solar into a unified voice. When we speak together with one voice, we speak louder.

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