Stop Exelon’s dirty power plays!

Tell the Mayor and the D.C. Council to oppose Exelon’s recent moves to control D.C.’s clean energy market exclusively for themselves, without competition, at the literal expense of all D.C. residents.

When Exelon acquired Pepco electrical utility in 2016, consumer and clean energy advocates voiced our fears that the corporate giant would try to force D.C. area residents to subsidize their uneconomical investments, while also blocking residents from embracing solar and other affordable clean power technologies.

Now it’s clear that our fears were justified. In recent weeks, Exelon has made a series of outrageous dirty power plays to get what they want at the public’s expense

We need you to act now to fight back! Tell Mayor Bowser and the D.C. Council to stand-up to Exelon’s dirty tricks and power politics by saying NO to last-minute amendments to the Clean Energy DC Act, reject unqualified hand-picked appointments to the PSC, and to protect the ongoing MEDSIS proceedings, which will determine our clean energy future.

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