Support D.C.’s Historic 100% Clean Energy Bill!

New legislation before the D.C. Council would make the District a national leader in clean energy
Solar supporters from around D.C. join together to celebrate solar energy at the 2018 D.C. Solar Congress.

DC is poised to make history by committing to power the District with 100% renewable energy sources. The Council is now considering the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 which would require 100% clean energy in the electric sector by 2032, including 5% from solar. The bill would ensure that new sources of clean energy would come onto the market, and it forces Pepco to procure 80% of its electricity through long-term agreements to buy renewable power.

Solar United Neighbors strongly supports the bill. Tell you Councilmember that you do too!

In addition to bolstering our clean energy market, the bill would implement strong building energy efficiency standards for large buildings and ties vehicle excise taxes (currently based on the list price and age of the vehicle) to fuel efficiency. Fully electric vehicles would be exempt from the excise tax. The bill would also fund DC’s Sustainable Energy Trust Fund and Green Bank to finance important clean energy and efficiency projects and programs, including low-income resident weatherization and replacing fossil-fuel furnaces and water heaters with electric alternatives.

While we support the bill, we also think it should be strengthened

In particular, the Council should ensure the solar renewable energy credit (SREC) market is sustainable in the long term. The bill should also ensure full funding for the landmark “Solar for All” program, so that all D.C. residents—particularly lower income families—can benefit directly from solar.

Washington, D.C. is at the forefront of cities nationwide when it comes to promoting clean energy and tackling our climate crisis head-on. Now it’s time for D.C. to lead again—not only in cutting fossil fuel pollution but in creating a more just and sustainable economy for all.

What you can do

  1. Use our form on this page to send your Councilmember an email urging the Council to strengthen and advance this bill.
  2. Testify in support of the bill before the Council! The Council Committee on Business & Economic Development will hold a Public Hearing on the Omnibus Act on Monday, October 29. We will keep our supporters updated when other hearings are scheduled. It’s important for your Councilmenbers to hear from solar supporters like you that the bill deserves their vote and should be strengthened to better serve all Washingtonians. You can RSVP here and we will sign you up to testify and provide you with talking points for your testimony. Even if you can’t testify, please RSVP and join us at the hearing to pack the room with solar supporters!
  3. Share this action via Facebook, Twitter, or email with your family, coworkers, and friends in the District to help spread our solar movement!

Public Hearing Schedule

D.C. Council Committee on Business & Economic Development Public Hearing

Monday, October 29
10:00 am
John A. Wilson Building
Room 500
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
RSVP here to pack the hearing with solar supporters or let us know if you’d like to testify! You can also submit written testimony via e-mail at

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