Electric vehicles in D.C.

Why EVs and Solar?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming a more affordable and lower maintenance option than traditional gasoline or diesel fueled cars.

EVs and Solar in D.C.

Solar United Neighbors is currently involved in two action items to promote electric vehicles in the District: The Electric Vehicle Public Infrastructures Expansion Act of 2017 and Pepco’s Electric Vehicle Pilot Project.

The Electric Vehicle Public Infrastructures Expansion Act of 2017 is a bill introduced by Council Member Mary Cheh. It pushes the D.C. Department of Transportation to install 15 electric vehicle charging stations across all wards in D.C. It also requires DDOT to analyze usage data and write a public report that recommends locations for additional charging stations, continuation of public/private partnerships, and other policies to incentivize EV adoption.

In April 2017, Pepco filed a proposal to conduct an electric vehicle pilot project that incentivizes EV owners to charge during off-peak hours. That is, at night. The proposed pilot would test time of use (TOU) rates in combination with the installation of electric charging stations for residential, commercial, and public spaces. If approved by the Public Service Commission, District residents who drive EVs may participate several different pilots. Solar United Neighbors is an intervenor in this proceeding, fighting for rules to allow solar homeowners to participate in the pilot.

Electric Vehicle Charging Guide

EV chargers are classified into three categories: level 1, level 2, and level 3 (DC Fast charging). The categories are defined by the power and rate at which they charge a vehicle, and the electric infrastructure required for installation and operation.
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