Elliott Museum

Contact Information

Business Name: Elliott Museum
Address: 825 NE Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, FL 34996
Phone: (772) 225-1961
Email: jesler@elliottmuseum.org
Website: https://elliottmuseum.org/

System Details

Size: 6 kW
Installer: Urban Solar group
Date of Install: October 2015

Who we are

The Elliott Museum enriches the community through its wide variety of exhibits, collections, classes, and lectures, all designed to serve the interests of the people who live in and visit the Treasure Coast. There is something for everyone here.

Why we went solar

We installed solar with the intention of familiarizing and educating people about solar energy. Protecting the environment is a major value for us as a museum, and our community as a whole. Given the concern for the environment on Hutchinson Island, we wanted to be a space that could provide information and facilitate action.   

Benefits of going solar

Going solar is an excellent way to mitigate our impact on the environment, while reducing our monthly electric bill. The technology is here and it’s affordable, so there is no reason to continue to rely on fossil fuels. With the amount of sun that falls in Florida we should be putting solar everywhere we possibly can.