FireFly Farms Creamery & Market

Contact information

Business Name: FireFly Farms Creamery & Market
Address: 107 South Main Street, Accident, MD 21520
Phone: (301) 746-8188

System details

Size: 27.86 kW
Installer: Tri-State Wind and Solar
Date of Install: August 2015

Who we are

FireFly Farms offers national and international award-winning premium goat cheese that features the distinct regional flavors of Mountain Maryland. Not only do we want to make excellent cheese, we also want to do it sustainably. Part of that sustainability commitment is reflected in our use of renewable energy.

Why we went solar

When we made the decision to go solar, there was a good amount of debate over pursuing natural gas and fracking opportunities in the state. As a company, we didn’t think that was the right way to go, so we decided to lead by example.

Benefits of going solar

Going solar means we can mitigate our monthly power needs and drive down our energy bill. Perhaps more importantly however, is that our highly visible array helps create an environment in which people are much more energy aware. The more conscious we can make people of their energy usage, the more sustainable we can all be in our daily lives. As we continue to grow our business we want to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible, and positively impact our community as best we can.