Don’t let Winter Park make solar more expensive

Winter Park’s utility is considering a change to how it charges customers. It wants to increase the part of our electric bill that is fixed. This increase would be a mistake.

Winter Park’s utility is considering a proposal to make solar more expensive. The utility wants to impose a higher fixed charge on all customers’ electric bills. This unfair tax will discourage people from going solar. And, it would lower the financial return for families that already have solar. The utility needs to hear from solar supporters like you. Tell them you oppose raising fixed charges.

Why higher fixed charges harm solar

Solar owners make money by using less electricity. Fixed charges are the portion of your electric bill that you pay no matter how much electricity you use. So, higher fixed charges limit how much you can save by going solar. High fixed charges lengthen the amount of time it takes for your investment in solar to pay off.

Why higher fixed charges harm everyone

Higher fixed charges are a particular burden on low-income families, and people on a fixed income. They make it harder to save money by using less electricity.

Why solar benefits everyone

Solar energy benefits more than just the families in our community that have gone solar. It lowers costs for all utility customers. Solar energy is generated when demand for electricity is highest. This means our utility avoids the need to buy expensive “peak” electricity.

Solar is also generated close to where it is used. All customers save money because we need less infrastructure like utility wires and poles.

Solar is a clean energy source. This keeps our community healthy.

Use the form at the right to contact Mayor Leary and the city commission. Tell them why you oppose increasing fixed charges.

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