Help more Floridians benefit from solar

Community solar empowers individuals and businesses to use solar even if they can’t on their own roof.

Thousands of Florida homeowners and businesses are installing rooftop solar systems to take control of where their electricity comes from and save money with a clean source of electricity. But, there are millions more who are unable to so because their property isn’t suitable for solar or they are renters. Community solar can help them benefit from solar. Community solar is available in 19 states but not yet in Florida.

Community solar lets anyone with an electric bill subscribe to a share of a larger solar array located in their region. Subscribers receive a bill credit on their electric bills just like rooftop solar owners do. Community solar can also make it easier for lower-income households to participate because the costs are often lower than the price of rooftop solar.

You can help to expand access to solar energy in the Sunshine State by asking your state legislators to support the bill (SB 1156) to create a community solar program in Florida. Tell them that all Floridians should have the opportunity to enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of local solar power.

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