Franklin’s Restaurant, Brewery & General Store

Contact information

Business Name: Franklin’s Restaurant, Brewery & General Store
Address: 5123 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781
Phone: (301) 927-2740
Email: none

System details

Size: 11 STE Collectors
Installer: Capital Sun Group
Date of Install: January 2017

Who we are

Located in the heart of historic Hyattsville, we are Prince Georges County’s first microbrewery, and the only combination restaurant, brewery, and toy store in the world. Franklins is a gathering place with deep roots in the Hyattsville community. Since our inception we’ve been a destination for local families and craft beer lovers alike. The food menu combines quality brewpub fare together with a host of locally sourced seasonal specials. The store supplies the neighborhood with cool gifts, toys, wine, beer, candy, cards and much more.

Why we went solar

We were approached by a community group made up of a few dozen neighbors called Community Solar Thermal, LLC (CST), who said they wanted to help us go solar. We were already taking steps to be responsible stewards to our environment, such as sourcing much of our food from local farmers; so going solar was the logical next step towards lowering our business’s footprint.

Benefits of going solar

Going solar is not something to be afraid of. With the help of Community Solar Thermal, we were able to install 11 solar collectors. This has has helped bring down our monthly energy bill. The array is visible from the street, so many people who come in to the restaurant comment on it. We’re happy that the installation has served to generate buzz for us in the community while at the same time benefitting the environment.