Tell Congress: Support solar in the next round of stimulus

Solar can play a critical role in our economic recovery.

The COVID-19 crisis has taken an exceptional toll on the solar industry. More than 125,000 solar workers could lose their jobs due to the economic downturn. That is half of all solar jobs in the country.

But this doesn’t have to happen.

There are several steps Congress can take to support solar energy as part of the next phase of the stimulus package.

Extend the Investment Tax Credit: The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides homeowners a tax credit for up to 26% of the cost of their system when they go solar. This credit is set to drop to 22% at the end of this year. It would drop to zero after 2021.

Delays caused by the current crisis leave many homeowners at risk of being unable to use this important solar incentive. Losing this tax credit means losing several hundred dollars. Every potential dollar saved matters at a time when budgets are tight. Extending this credit will allow installers to complete their work in time for homeowners to benefit.

Provide grant funding to non-profit organizations in lieu of the ITC: Food banks, shelters, houses of worship, and countless other non-profit organizations are providing critical services during this time of extreme need. Solar savings can provide them an immediate financial boost.

These organizations are not eligible to take the tax credit. Congress should allow them to take the tax credit as a grant. This can mean the difference between solar being financially beneficial, or not

Installers are having a hard time finding new customers. Now is the perfect time to build new markets for solar by supporting these vital service organizations.

Double funding for the Rural Energy for America Program: The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) provides loans and grants to farms and other rural small business to install solarenergy.

These loans and grants provide farms a reliable and valuable new crop, solar energy. This provides financial security for the farmers who keep our country fed.

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