Tell your Indiana Senator to vote yes on HB 1331

This bill will remove unreasonable restrictions keeping homeowners from going solar, breaking new ground for solar rights in Indiana!

Right now, the Indiana Senate is considering legislation (HB 1331) that would remove unreasonable restrictions by homeowners’ associations (HOAs) that currently keep too many Hoosiers from producing their own electricity from the sun. If passed, this HOA Solar Access bill would be a milestone for solar rights in Indiana. The bill passed the Indiana House of Representatives by a bipartisan vote of 90 – 6 in February.

Email your Senator now to urge them to vote yes on HB 1331. 

Making a difference

While emailing your Senator is an important action you can take to support HB 1331, there are several other opportunities for you to make a difference:

  • Share this action with your friends, family and colleagues so they can contact their representatives as well to urge a yes vote on HB 1331.
  • Call your Senator at their office by using the “Find Your Legislator” tool. Simply enter your address to get your representative’s phone number. You can tell the office that you support sensible reform that supports Hoosier property rights by removing unreasonable restrictions on generating solar energy from homeowners’ associations around the state.

Once you take this action, we’ll keep you informed about further opportunities to fight for your solar rights in Indiana!

If you’d like to learn more about HOA solar access in Indiana and HB 1331, please review this presentation from Indiana solar homeowner Joey Myles.

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