Urge your senators to reject anti-solar FERC nominee

Bernard McNamee, a nominee for the federal agency responsible for setting energy policy, is an anti-solar ideologue. Contact your senators to tell them you oppose his nomination.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is an independent, non-political body. It is charged with making fact-based energy policy decisions in the best interests of the American people. These decisions will determine how quickly our country makes the transition toward local clean and affordable energy sources like solar power.

That’s why solar advocates should be concerned about Bernard McNamee, who has been nominated to be a FERC Commissioner. He has sharply criticized renewable energy falsely claiming it “screws up the whole physics of the grid.” He believes that the conflict between fossil fuel interests and renewable energy advocates is a “constant battle between liberty and tyranny”1 We believe that solar equals energy freedom.

Mr. McNamee’s obvious anti-renewables bias should disqualify him from serving on FERC.

The Senate will be considering Mr. McNamee’s nomination soon. It’s important for solar energy supporters to urge their Senators to oppose his nomination. Tell them they have a responsibility to ensure FERC commissioners objectively weigh energy policy, without anti-solar prejudice.

1. Video shows FERC nominee Bernard McNamee’s bias against renewables

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