Glass House Winery

Contact information

Business Name: Glass House Winery
Address: 5898 Free Union Road, Free Union, VA 22940
Phone: (434) 975-0094


System details

Size: 32 kW
Installer: Sigora Solar
Date of Install: May 2017


Who we are

Glass House Winery is a boutique winery on the Monticello Wine Trail, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. As an estate winery, we grow all our own grapes and make the wine on the property, while striving to treat the earth of Virginia as respectfully and gently as possible in the process. We have 12 acres under vine on our vineyard and have chosen grapes that bring out the best of the terroir in our region of Virginia. We also make handmade chocolates, host a weekly music series, and a have unique tropical conservatory that guests can enjoy.


Why we went solar

We went solar to reduce the amount of electricity we pull from the grid and cut our carbon emissions. We received a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant, which made solar a cost-effective way to supply power to some of our buildings. Our buildings that don’t use solar power use a geothermal heating and cooling system.


Benefits of going solar

Going solar was an investment in keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum. Our 32 kW photovoltaic system will offset 29.7 metric tons of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime, which is the equivalent of planting 28 acres of forest.