Homeowners Associations and Solar Access in Ohio

HOAs in Ohio can block you from going solar

Homeowners associations (HOAs) define a neighborhood’s aesthetic rules. Many have tried to restrict the ability of homeowners to go solar. Unfortunately, Ohio does not prevent HOAs from doing so. This can make going solar more expensive and stop homeowners from going solar at all.

The SB 61 Bill

The Ohio Senate is considering a bill, SB 61, that would protect solar homeowners. The proposed Senate bill would set guidelines to regulate the installation and use of solar energy collection devices within condo and housing communities. If passed, Ohio would join other states (including Florida, Maryland, and Virginia) that already have HOA solar access laws. 

Has your HOA stopped you from going solar?

We want to hear from you! We are gathering stories to demonstrate that HOAs are keeping homeowners from installing solar on their own property. Sharing your story can lead to great impact.

Support Solar Access Laws in HOAs


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