Jackie O’s Brewery

Contact information

Business Name: Jackie O’s Brewery
Address: 25 Campbell Street, Athens, OH 45701
Phone:  (740) 592-9686
Email: info@jackieos.com
Website:  www.jackieos.com


System details

Size: 93 kW
Installer: Third Sun Solar
Date of Install: April 2016

Who we are

The original Athens Brewpub, focusing on a wide variety of neo-traditionally crafted artisan brews.  Three Athens venues feature a total of 64 taps, two kitchens, a food cart, and brewing onsite. Sustainably crafted with purpose put into action daily. 

Why we went solar

We decided to install solar as a part of our effort to brew our beer as sustainably as possible. We believe that a good economy and a healthy planet aren’t mutually exclusive.

Benefits of going solar

Going solar has allowed us to act on our commitment to sustainability. Harnessing this natural resource means limiting our reliance on fossil fuels, and leading by example as we consider the future of our planet.