Join our Florida PPA Campaign

Solar United Neighbors is leading a campaign to help Florida schools, government buildings, churches, and other non-profit organizations go solar. The campaign will educate Floridians and decision makers about Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). PPAs allow customers to benefit from solar with low to no upfront costs. PPAs allow customers to lower their electric bills from day one. Florida’s law does not allow organizations to enter into PPAs. We’re going to change that!

How PPAs work

A developer installs, owns and operates the solar system. Their customer locks in their energy rates from the system through a contract. The developer is able to earn the federal solar tax credit.

Why PPAs would benefit Florida

PPAs are an important way to increase access to solar. Non-profit organizations do not pay income taxes. This means they are unable to benefit from the solar tax credit if they decide to purchase a solar system. With a PPA, a third-party owns the system. This third party can take the tax credit and pass the savings along to the customer.

Power Purchase Agreements can provide immediate savings to solar customers. This is because the customer’s contract enables them to purchase electricity for less than what they are paying to their utility.

Increasing solar adoption will benefit all Floridians. Adding more distributed energy sources like solar makes our electric grid more resilient. This is a valuable defense against the damage caused by violent storms.

How you can get involved

Over the next several weeks we’ll be rolling out activities to generate attention to the benefits of PPAs. This includes issuing a report, holding a webinar, and other activities. We’d love your help in spreading the word. We will also be circulating a sign-on letter for organizations to show their support for PPAs.

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