Join the Maryland Capital Area 2022 Solar and EV Charger Co-op

This Co-op is open to residents of Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, and Frederick County.

For Montgomery County residents, the nonprofit Montgomery County Green Bank is partnering with Solar United Neighbors on Access Solar, a special solar financing program for homeowners earning $97,500 or less. Letting us know that you qualify by simply affirming in the form below will provide you with access to this special program. 

Access Solar offers two options: (1) an upfront subsidy and a more flexible financing program in support of an “own your system” approach and (2) a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in support of a “rent your system” approach.

Signing up isn’t a binding commitment to go solar with the group, however, we ask that you’re fairly certain you want to pursue a solar installation for your property. We’ll use the information you provide to pre-assess the suitability of solar for your site and to contact you about the next steps for the solar co-op.