K&B True Value Hardware Store

Contact information

Business Name: K&B True Value Hardware Store
Address: 912 Forrest Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: (410) 268-3939
Email: store@kbtruvalue.com
Website: www.kbtruevalue.com


System details

Size: 18 kW
Installer: Solar Energy Services
Date of Install: March 2012

Who we are

K&B True Value has been serving the Annapolis community since 1974, providing convenience above all other things. How do we provide convenience? By having the right products at the prices for your projects, with the best people providing expert trusted advice.

Why we went solar

We decided to go solar to bring down our electricity bill and limit our impact on the environment. Installing the system quickly became reality because of how easy the installer made the process. They designed the system and handled all of the permitting, while we got a great price with an excellent payback time on our investment.   

Benefits of going solar

Going solar has allowed us to save money, reduce our energy consumption from non-renewables, and benefit the environment. It is a very worthwhile decision for any business to make.