Tell Annapolis you support the Clean Energy Jobs Act

The campaign will grow Maryland’s in-state solar generation six-fold and enable us to meet half of our energy needs from renewables by 2030.

Solar supporters are making their voices heard in the Maryland State House by telling their representatives to support a bill that expands solar, strengthens our economy, and improves community health throughout the state.

The “Clean Energy Jobs” Act (SB 732 / HB 1453) is designed to grow solar and expand solar employment across the state. It will benefit all Marylanders by ratcheting up the solar energy that will be produced here in Maryland. This will increase Maryland solar jobs, supporting one of the most vibrant sectors in our economy and the fastest growing occupation in the nation. It will boost Maryland’s SREC market by creating new demand for the energy that current and future solar homeowners generate. And, it will increase equity and fairness in the solar market for all Marylanders by helping to expand community solar, extending the benefits of solar to community members currently unable to enjoy them.

Maryland’s current law requires only 25% of our electricity to from renewable sources by 2020. Only a measly 2.5% is required from solar. We deserve better. The Clean Energy Jobs Act would require 14.5% of Maryland’s electricity needs to come from Maryland generated solar by 2028. With your help we can get our representatives in Annapolis to act this year!

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