Owings Mills

About the project

Project name: Owings Mills (BG&E Project ID: 4705607)
9155 Old Ct. Rd, Baltimore, MD 21244

System Size: 1.98 Megawatts (AC) (expected yearly kWh output is 4,025,000)

System Type: 12 acre ground-mount site

Expected date in service: November 2018

Subscriber Organization name: Forefront Power, LLC

MD Public Service Commission Subscriber ID #: 17A2148980003856

Solar developer: Forefront Power

How many subscribers can this project support? Up to 350

Is this project open? Yes, open to new subscribers

General description (provided by the organization):
THE OWINGS MILLS project sits across the street from a residential development on a parcel that had previously been slated for more houses. Instead, the small piece of land just south of the Baltimore suburb of Owings Mills will house a two megawatt clean energy solar project while maintaining some of the existing open space. The land is owned by a longtime Baltimore area resident who is excited about her contribution to the development of solar energy in Maryland. Some nearby attractions include the Caves Valley Historic District, which holds the Irvine Nature Center, a place known for hosting green weddings. Owings Mills houses the Baltimore Ravens training facility and is also the northern terminus of the Baltimore metro system. The Owings Mills solar project is well situated to offer local, affordable clean energy to thousands of nearby residents.

NOTE: If you subscribe to this project we will receive a referral fee for it to support our public education efforts. Solar United Neighbors is a neutral, non-profit and do not support any particular project or for-profit developer. All project providers in the state are welcome to work with us and to add their projects to our list.

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The basics

Utility service territory where project is located: BG&E

Who can participate? Anyone in the BG&E utility territory who meets the credit criteria and minimum electricty use requirement. This project is open to Low and Moderate Income residents.

Cost: Guaranteed 5% discount below BG&E for length of contract (10% discount for low to moderate income). NOTE: The floor price is set to the value of the first year’s price. In other words, it will be 5% (or 10%) below the utility cost unless the utility cost goes below what it was in the first year of your subscription.

Is this cheaper than what I pay now? Yes

How much can I buy? 80% to 100% of your total annual electricity usage

How often will I pay? Once a month

How long is the contract? 25 years

Will my cost for this energy go up over time? Yes, but it will remain below the utility rate (except as it applies to the “floor price” described above)

Are there termination fees? Yes. $1,000 unless you move outside BG&E territory and give at least 60 days advance notice, or if you pass away, or if you are permanently disabled.

Are there other fees? Yes, in some cases other minor fees could apply. If you pay by credit card, you will be charged a credit card processing fee. If you downsize your purchase you will be charged a small admin fee.

Will I own the panels? No

Will this energy be cheaper than grid energy in the future? Because the price is guaranteed to be below the BG&E cost of electricity for the contract term and does not escalate it should remain cheaper. However, please note that due to the “floor price” described above, if in the future, BG&E electricity drops below what it is in the first year of your subscription, the savings could be less.

The details

Are there minimum credit scores required to qualify? Yes, 650 FICO score for Low or Moderate Income residents. 700 for everyone else.

Can I claim the Federal Tax Credit? No

Can I claim local tax credits? No

Will I get any Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)? No

Will I get any other incentives? No

How do I sign up? Visit Neighborhood Sun and fill out the form

Can I stay subscribed and keep the benefits if I move? Yes, if you move within the utility territory

Can I transfer it to someone else if I move? Yes

How do I cancel? Contact MDCustomerCare@forefrontpower.com

Can I buy in small increments? No, subscriptions are matched to at least 80% of your usage

Is financing available for me? No, subscription is pay-as-you-go by the kWh

Does the system have a long-term maintenance contract? Yes

Can I monitor the system? Yes, Subscriber Organization will provide an app

What happens if the system stops working? Subscription Organization will work to fix it and you don’t owe anything if you don’t receive a credit on your utility bill.

Is there a performance guarantee? No

How do I file a complaint if I need to? Email MDCustomerCare@forefrontpower.com. If you don’t get assistance you can contact the Maryland PSC or the Office of People’s Counsel

Community impacts

Did the community play a role in developing the project? The local landholder hosting the project had input

Is there community ownership or control? No

Does it provide local job opportunities? Unclear

Are there provisions for low-income participants? Yes, there’s a carve-out for 30% of the project’s output to go to Low or Moderate Income residents with reduced FICO score requirements and increased savings available.

Are there additional community benefits? Use of pollinator friendly ground cover may be used

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