Rockdale Solar

About the project

Project information: Rockdale Solar (utility project id#: PE-CS-02)
14339 Clear Spring Road, Williamsport, MD 21795

System Size: 1.98 Megawatts (AC)

System Type: 20 acre ground-mount site

Expected date in service: TBD

Subscriber Organization name: Rockdale Solar, LLC

MD Public Service Commission Subscriber ID #: 17A2150210003874

Solar developer: Community Energy Solar

Number of Subscribers this project can support: up to 350

Is this project open? SUSPENDED (as of August, 2018)

General description (provided by Subscriber Organization):

THE ROCKDALE SOLAR PROJECT is nestled in the quaint town of Williamsport, Maryland right where the Potomac River and Conococheague Creek meet. Here, the historic Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was built in 1835 and brought a “boom” of prosperity to the town. Today, the canal is part of the C&O National Historic Park where visitors and locals can bike and walk along the beautiful waterways. The project site itself is family-owned, working farmland. While the land has been used to grow hay and crops in the past, the family is happy to see it given new life as clean energy site.

NOTE: If you subscribe to this project Solar United Neighbors will receive a referral fee for it to support our public education efforts. Solar United Neighbors is a neutral, non-profit and do not support any particular project or for-profit developer. All project providers in the state are welcome to work with us and to add their projects to our list.

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The basics

Utility service territory where project is located: Potomac Edison

Who can participate? Residential

Cost: 10% discount below current Potomac Edison rate

Is this cheaper than what I pay now? Yes

How much can I buy? You can match 100% of your household

How often will I pay? Once a month

How long is the contract? 20 years

Will my cost for this energy go up over time? Yes, 1% annually

Are there termination fees? Yes. $50 per kW you subscribe up to $250 max (if you leave Potomac Edison). Or, $100 per kW up to $500 max for any other termination reason (except disability or death which are $0).

Are there other fees? No

Will I own the panels? No

Will this energy be cheaper than grid energy in the future? This model charges you monthly for the electricity from the community solar facility and that cost will go up by 1% per year. Because it’s not known how much the cost for electricity from your utility will rise over time it’s impossible to say whether this will be cheaper than your utility energy in the future.

The details

Are there minimum credit scores required to qualify? Yes, minimum of 680 FICO score

Can I claim the Federal Tax Credit? No

Can I claim local tax credits? No

Will I get any Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)? No

Will I get any other incentives? No

How do I sign up? Visit Neighborhood Sun and fill out the form

Can I stay subscribed and keep the benefits if I move? Yes, if you move in the same utility area

Can I transfer it to someone else if I move? Yes

How do I cancel? You contact the Neighborhood Sun via email or phone

Can I buy in small increments? No

Is financing available for me? No

Does the system have a long-term maintenance contract? Yes

Can I monitor the system? No

What happens if the system stops working? The owner/operator will notify you within three days.

Is there a performance guarantee? No

How do I file a complaint if I need to? You contact the Maryland PSC or the Office of People’s Counsel

Community impacts

Did the community play a role in developing the project? No

Is there community ownership or control? No

Does it provide local job opportunities? Yes. Temporary construction jobs while project is being developed/built. All on-going jobs are sourced through the Operations and Maintenance company and may also be local.

Are there provisions for low-income participants? No

Are there additional community benefits? No

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