Tell Governor Hogan to make Maryland a solar leader!

We're just a signature away from creating over 20,000 new clean energy jobs in Maryland.

The Maryland legislature overwhelmingly voted to pass the historic Clean Energy Jobs Act, and now it just awaits Governor Hogan’s signature to become law. The bill would increase the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard to 50% by 2028, including a nation-leading 14.5% solar carve-out.

This victory would not have come about without solar supporters like you taking action to urge their state representatives to support pro-solar, clean energy policies.

But we’re not done yet!  The last time the legislature voted to raise the state’s renewable energy standard, Gov. Hogan vetoed the bill and the legislature had to override his veto.

It’s critically important for solar advocates to urge Gov. Hogan to sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act! Tell him that you want him to make Maryland a national solar leader and remind him that the law would boost the state’s solar market and create 20,000 new jobs for Marylanders.

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