Protect community solar in Baltimore County

Sign the petition to urge Baltimore County to not place a moratorium on pending and future community solar projects.

Reasonable zoning rules and full public participation are the sensible ways to respond to concerns about community solar projects in agricultural communities. Complete moratoriums unfairly restrict our right to benefit from solar energy.

There is a public hearing on the proposed moratorium on January 15. It is vital that for solar supporters to voice their opposition to this misguided, anti-solar policy.

County residents can make their voices heard at the Baltimore County Council’s work session scheduled for 2 p.m. on Tuesday, January 15, at 400 Washington Avenue, Room 205, Courthouse, Second Floor, in Towson.

Petition text

As a Baltimore County resident, I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed moratorium on pending and future community solar projects.

Ground-mounted community solar projects allow people who cannot install solar on their own roofs, including renters, to reduce and control their energy costs. When zoned and permitted properly, community solar projects enhance agricultural landscapes and provide a much-needed source of revenue for farmers who want to host a community solar project on their property.

I am looking for you to reject this misguided, anti-solar moratorium. The sensible ways to deal with concerns about larger solar projects in agricultural communities are reasonable zoning rules and full public participation in decision-making, not complete moratoriums.

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