Urge Governor Hogan to sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act

Tell the governor that your solar-powered business supports legislation that would create thousands of jobs and expand solar in our state!

The Maryland legislature overwhelmingly passed the Clean Energy Jobs Act earlier this month, and now it just awaits Governor Hogan’s signature to become law. The bill would increase the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard to 50% by 2028, including a nation-leading 14.5% solar carve-out.

The last time the legislature voted to raise the state’s renewable energy standard, Gov. Hogan vetoed the bill and the legislature had to override his veto. That’s why we are urging the solar supporters to contact him.

We urge you to sign this joint letter of Maryland solar-powered businesses. The letter reminds the Governor that the law would Maryland a national solar leader, boosting the state’s solar market and creating 20,000 new good jobs for Marylanders.

We’ve also created this action alert for individual wishing to contact the Governor, and please forward to people in your networks. Thanks!

Sign the joint letter

Dear Governor Hogan,

As owners of Maryland small businesses powered by solar energy, we are writing to urge you to sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) which passed the Legislature with strong bipartisan support.  The CEJA is good for Maryland’s economy, its workforce and its environment. Furthermore, a majority of Marylanders support greater use of clean energy sources and understand the vast economic and environmental benefits of producing more home-grown, affordable energy for all Marylanders.

Driving investments and economic development throughout Maryland

The economic development opportunities from the CEJA are enormous. It is estimated that new solar and wind developments will result in billions of dollars invested in the state and thousands of new clean energy jobs in addition to new tax revenues that will be collected. Additionally, this bill would allow Maryland to tap into the $247 million in federal investment tax credits just this year that would otherwise be lost.

Expanding Maryland’s Workforce

The CEJA will result in 20,000 solar jobs and 5,700 wind-related jobs. Absent this, we will continue to see a decline in clean energy sector jobs. Just last year, Maryland lost 800 solar jobs due to industry slowdown. This bill will establish a bold new solar in-state carve-out that will result in increased employment and workforce training opportunities for all Marylanders.

Ensuring community resiliency

New investments and new jobs aren’t the only economic gains to be made from the CEJA. This bill will also safeguard against future economic losses resulting from climate change and the financial costs it imposes on our communities. Many studies point out that Maryland is among the top states most vulnerable to climate change. Increased frequency of weather-related events will undermine economic resiliency of Maryland.

Marylanders strongly support solar and other clean energy

Polls consistently show that across Maryland residents across the state and the political spectrum want our state to use more clean energy.  That’s why 600 faith, community, labors, business, climate and environmental groups in Maryland have endorsed the CEJA.

For these reasons, we urge you to sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act into law to make Maryland a national clean energy jobs leader.

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