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We’re dedicated to representing the needs and interests of solar homeowners and supporters. Together we are building a modern, clean energy system with rooftop solar as the cornerstone.

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Utilities and other entrenched special interests are trying to stop the growth of rooftop solar. We are standing up for solar in state after state. We fight caps on clean energy generation, protect net-metering and promote policies that preserve your right to produce your own power.

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Whether you are in a solar co-op or using our members only help desk, we help you cut through the sales clutter and understand your best options. From finding an installer to evaluating bids — we represent your interest! You get personalized help from a real live expert. You can be confident you are getting the right deal for your home.

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Every day there are new incentives and new technologies. We help you understand the best next steps in your quest to generate clean, local power and control your energy.

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