Our members-only solar help desk

Going solar can seem complex – especially when most of the information available online is provided by companies with a vested interest in selling you their services. Solar United Neighbors gives you expert, vendor-neutral support to find the right system.

Get one-on-one help through every step of going solar

Have questions? Our solar help desk is ready to help.

Once you become a member you can call or email our solar experts and get one-on-one support for all your solar questions. We help you evaluate and compare up to three installer proposals, so you know you are getting the right deal for you.

  • How much does going solar cost?
  • Is my home good for solar?
  • How can I pay for solar?
  • How do I choose an installer?
  • How do I read and compare my installer proposals?
  • What if I face resistance from my HOA?
  • And more!

We called Solar United Neighbors and ran through our different proposals with them, and the woman on the other line was so wonderful and helpful, and that really helped guide us through this process”
Jean Su, Washington D.C.

You can also join a co-op and leverage the power of bulk negotiation

Our free-to-join solar co-ops help 50-100 neighbors go solar as a group. We provide expert support throughout the process and help you save money on the right system for your home and quality installation. Find a co-op near you.

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