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Solar enthusiasts gather at a solar open house in Virginia.

When you become a member you join a community of solar supporters that share ideas, celebrate successes, and fight to transform America’s electricity system. Together, we can overcome utilities and entrenched special interests who are putting up roadblocks to more solar in our communities.

You’ll be able to connect with fellow solar supporters at meetings, open houses, social events, and movie screenings to learn what’s going on with solar in your state.

Want to be a solar advocate? Our advocacy campaigns give you a wide range of options to get involved. Spread the word about solar in your community. Contact lawmakers. Testify at hearings. We give you the support you need to make your voice heard.

Solar Congresses are an opportunity for the solar community to come together.

Join with others to push for more solar in your community, put solar on community buildings, or get your town to go solar.

Attend a statewide Solar Congress, a public conference complete with informational presentations and a participatory open forum around the current and future state of solar.

Join us for solar-themed social events.

Our listservs and forums let you interact with other solar supporters directly in your community and across the country.

Access a directory of businesses that have gone solar in your area. From local breweries and markets to retailers and bed & breakfasts, find out what local businesses are being powered by the sun! Members receive discounts and coupons at participating businesses.


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