Tell lawmakers: Protect solar in Minnesota from unfair HOA limits

Minnesota law allows homeowners associations to block solar installations. This means up to a quarter of Minnesota homeowners could be denied their right to install solar.

All Minnesotans should have the right to go solar – especially on their own homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners that are part of a homeowners association (HOA) are blocked by their HOA from going solar. This matters because 1 in 4 Minnesotans live in one of the state’s more than 7,700 HOAs.

House File 257 and Senate File 381 would give HOA homeowners the right to go solar. Let your legislators know you support it.

Personalizing the message will make it more effective. If you live in an HOA, please, be sure to add that to the message.

Logo for Solar United Neighbors Action. It includes a drawing of the Capitol building surrounded by sun rays
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