Community of solar supporters joins together for Solar United Neighbors of Minnesota launch

By Ben Delman on December 18, 2017

Yesterday, solar supporters from across the Twin Cities came together for the launch of Solar United Neighbors of Minnesota. Hosted at the Able Seedhouse + Brewery, the event was an opportunity for attendees to meet and share their solar stories over a pint.

Solar United Neighbors of Minnesota Program Director, Virginia Rutter, introduced Solar United Neighbors and the work we’ll be doing in the state. We’ve just launched our first solar co-op in the state in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. A second one will be starting soon in Apple Valley, with a third in Rochester in early 2018. Rutter discussed the many ways we’ll look to grow solar in the state.

“This was very informative,” said Gretchen Otto. Andrew Morris concurred, “This is why it’s great to come to events like these.”

Solar United Neighbors is growing the solar community across Minnesota. We’ll host social events for solar supporters, such as this recent event. We are helping communities across the state go solar through solar co-ops. For homeowners that want to go solar, but don’t have a solar co-op in their community, we offer a paid membership program that provides them support as they go solar, and through the life of their system.