Current Issues and Updates

By Emily Stiever on February 27, 2012

Welcome the Newest Members of the CPN

Please take some time out to welcome and check out our newest member groups!

Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates: Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates (IDEA) is a new organization formed to lobby for federal, state and local policies that promote renewable energy and distributed generation technologies in the State of Indiana.

Solar San Antonio: Solar San Antonio is a cutting edge non-profit 501(c)(3) organization making solar energy a major contributor to the creation of the new energy economy. Solar San Antonio connects the private and public sectors through education, innovative marketing, and creative financing programs. Solar San Antonio provides direct assistance to homeowners and businesses ready to “go solar.”

Cleveland Solar Cooperative: Cleveland Solar Cooperative focuses on the Rapid implementation of solar energy systems in the Cleveland, Ohio area for the benefit of people and communities.

Help us Spread the Word on Community Renewables

  • Send us links, events, articles, etc. that we can share! We would love to post on the site for others to to see and use!
  • Please help us reach out to new member groups. We are always looking for new groups to join the network and share their model. It can help benefit all of us to learn about new developments in community renewables!
  • We are looking to have another call soon and would like to hear about anything you would like to discuss. Please shoot us an email:, with any suggestions.

Check out the CPN News!

We have made some recent updates to the News section! We now have features on University Park Solar, VPIRG as well as the announcement very cool new tool by Cadmus, the Distributed Wind Analysis Tool (DSAT). DSAT is an online tool that helps make accurate performance predictions for distributed wind energy projects.