D.C. residents urge A.G. Racine and Office of People’s Counsel to continue Exelon fight

By Ben Delman on March 31, 2016

The Public Service Commission’s split decision to allow Exelon to take over Pepco was a shocking mistake. But the fight continues. Hundreds of D.C. residents have already called on Attorney General Karl Racine and the Office of the People’s Counsel to challenge the Public Service Commission’s erroneous decision.

Click here to tell the AG’s office and OPC to stand up for D.C. residents.

Grid 2.0 has filed a motion for the PSC to reconsider its decision. This automatically stays the Commission’s ruling. Should the PSC reject this motion, (which we expect it will), we’ll still have an opportunity to appeal through the court system.

Exelon will fight this effort tooth and nail, which is why the AG’s office and OPC need to fulfill their role as public advocates and fight this bad decision with us.

Stop Exelon. Urge AG Racine and OPC to join our fight!

Our fight against Exelon and for an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy grid was always a long shot. That we’ve gotten this far demonstrates the power that D.C. residents can wield. Attorney General Racine and the Office of People’s Counsel have said this deal is not in the public interest. Ask them to stand up for their principles.