DC Mayors Forum Sept. 7th

By Emily Steiver on September 5, 2010

Please join solar advocates from across DC for the DC Environmental Network’s Mayoral Forum this coming September 7 @ 5:30 p.m. We are asking you to find time to participate, because both candidates have confirmed that they will attend.

Venue is Harriet’s Restaurant (in the Harrington Hotel) at 436-11th Street, NW (11th Street, between Pennsylvania Avenue & E Street, NW, adjacent to METRO Center, Federal Triangle, Archives) and right on the S2, S4 Metrobus lines.


Below is a link for the event:

Our organizing means Mt. Pleasant will be joined by sister Coops from the Capitol Hill (Ward 6), Georgetown (Ward 2), Petworth (Ward 4), Shepherd Park (Ward 4), Palisades (Ward 3) and Ward 8/East of the Anacostia River Coops — so we want our solar members to be well-represented in the audience.

As solar energy producers and proponents of renewable energy, we want Mayor Fenty to know we are NOT HAPPY about his unsuccessful bid to gut the renewable energy program, his appointment of an inexperienced person to the critical three member Public Service Commission and his general lack of support for solar.

We want all the candidates to make strong specific commitments to do better on solar and to see the solar coops as a real political force. We want all the candidates to understand that the best way to develop GOOD green jobs in DC is by promoting solar.

Strength is in numbers. Please attend. Please be vocal about your support for solar and please ask a question about solar. Remember, we pay for the solar program through a surcharge on our electric bill! The mayor should not have the right to divert those funds to other uses!

Please Register to attend the event today. Invite your friends.