DC Solar Program Ready to Roll for FY 2011

By Emily Steiver on October 6, 2010

Fiscal year 2011 has begun! We start out the year with a huge congratulations to the DC Energy Office for CRANKING though applications at a steady pace!!! Although the numbers are not yet finalized (and we will need to remain vigilant) it is looking like the solar rebate program will have about $2.8 million to distribute this year. For the first time, they are in position to actually start in the beginning of the fiscal year and get the grants out in a timely manner! So pass the word. This IS the year to go solar in DC. We may never have such a great combination of high incentives and low prices again.

For those of you that have been waiting for it. The word is that DDOE will be releasing guidelines to include solar thermal and geo-thermal in the rebate program within months maybe sooner! I will post when I hear hard deadlines or dates.

Who knows anything about geothermal? Can we do it one block at a time?