Delaware co-op celebrates success, gets peak at electric vehicle

By Ben Delman on July 7, 2017

Delaware, Ohio’s newest solar homeowners gathered last month to celebrate the success of their local solar co-op. Thirty-two homes and businesses went solar through the group. As part of the celebration, co-op members also had the chance to check out the Midwest’s first Chevy Bolt.

A local dealer secured the car as a demonstrator in advance of the model’s official sale date in Ohio and brought it to the party. The Bolt is Chevy’s new fully electric vehicle with a range of 238 miles. The Bolt is the first of many fully-electric long-range vehicles scheduled to go to market over the next few years. Tesla is scheduled to start building a competing entry-level sedan, the Model 3, this week. Volvo announced yesterday that all of its new models will either be an EV or hybrid starting in 2019. Most automakers are planning for the change over in coming years.

This emerging EV market pairs well with solar as solar homeowners can offset their vehicle’s fuel use with electricity from their own panels.

The Chevy Bolt goes on sale nationwide officially starting in August. If you are interested in an electric vehicle you should also check out the prices of lower range used electric cars from a variety of makes- there are some fantastic deals out there. Many models like the Volt and Leaf are rolling off leases with low miles and can be bought for great prices.