Fighting for clean energy jobs in 2019

By Lauren Barchi on January 17, 2019

The 2019 Legislative Session has begun and this year we will pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

Last year Solar United Neighbors joined the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative and other groups from around the state in a campaign for the Clean Energy Jobs Act. This year we are continuing this work and are confident that the Clean Energy Jobs Act will pass with the help of supporters like you and our newly formed Solar Action Team.

About the bill

Solar supporters gather in Annapolis to fight for clean energy jobs.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act would require 50% of Maryland’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. Increasing the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) from 25% to 50% will spur growth in our economy (especially in the solar industry), create jobs, help more Marylanders go solar, and reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels that pollute our neighborhoods. This Act also includes a significant increase in the requirement for solar energy produced in Maryland from the 2.5% currently required by 2020 to 14.5% by 2030. Requiring even more in-state solar as part of Maryland’s 50% RPS by 2030 could support or retain nearly 20,000 solar jobs for Marylanders. There is currently enough solar power generated in Maryland to power more than 97,000 homes, surpassing any other renewable resource. Increasing requirements for solar in the state will encourage even more homeowners to invest in the energy economy. Doubling the amount of renewable resources by 2030 will also vastly reduce pollutants in the air and help Marylanders most impacted by these pollutants today live longer and healthier lives.

Rally to launch the 2019 Clean Energy Jobs Act campaign

On Wednesday, January 9, groups from across the state gathered for a rally in Annapolis to tell Governor Hogan how important this legislation is and how important it is to pass it this year. Members of our Solar Action Team were there to support the Act. In addition to attending the rally, members of the Solar Action Team hosted a webinar to help their fellow solar supporters develop skills as grassroots solar lobbyists. Stay tuned for more actions—including a Solar Lobby Day—that will be planned by the Solar Action Team throughout the 2019 General Assembly session to fight for the Clean Energy Jobs Act and other important solar legislation expected to be introduced this year.

Moving forward with this legislation is just what Maryland needs. We have always tried to be on the forefront of progress in environmental matters. Join us in continuing that great tradition. This isn’t a campaign for one part of the state or for one industry or for one demographic. This is a campaign to help Maryland continue its path to leadership on reliable, renewable, and local electricity, and for all Marylanders to share the benefits.