FL SUN looking for South Florida Co-op Coordinator

By Ben Delman on January 30, 2017

Spacecoast Solar Information Session ParticipantsUpdate: This position has now been filled.

FL SUN is growing. We’re excited to announce we will soon be helping neighbors in Miami-Dade county go solar. We are looking for a Co-op Coordinator to make this possible. A job description for the position is below.

FL SUN is seeking a Co-op Coordinator to support our solar co-op work in southern Florida. The Coordinator will support the FL SUN Program Director in implement solar co-op programs in Miami-Dade county and surrounding areas, as well as conduct extensive communications, outreach, press, and trainings around the solar co-op model, with the goal of scaling up their impact and reach. The Coordinator will also build out the online web infrastructure for the FL SUN website, to provide in-depth information on solar basics, as well as serve as an invaluable resource and forum for policy discussions and citizen engagement.

The Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring the FL SUN program meets its program goals in southern Florida. The Coordinator will be responsible for significant travel across southern Florida to host information meetings and meet with co-op members, including a number of evening meetings.

The Coordinator will report to the FL SUN Program Director and will function as part of the CPN team to deploy solar co-ops. CPN staff will provide strategic oversight and support, including supporting the use of our organization-wide Salesforce contact management database and shared materials.

The position is full-time for one year, with the possibility of extending if funding continues to be available.

Qualified applicants will have at least three years work experience, a strong understanding of effective organizing techniques, an ability to develop relationships with community members and organizations, and a strong motivation to help grow this program. Must be comfortable learning Salesforce database, editing websites, and communicating with participants via email and phone. Solar knowledge a plus. Coordinator must be located in the Miami-Dade county area.

Job Description and Duties

Launch and grow new solar co-ops (90%)

  1. Identify new co-op opportunities and implement new solar co-ops.
    1. Develop or work with community anchor partners to build new co-op groups. Develop strong constructive working relationships that will last the length of the co-op and evolve toward larger state level efforts.
    2. Develop outreach strategy for each co-op.
      1. Identify communication opportunities.
      2. Develop modes of dissemination.
      3. Establish partnerships.
      4. Pursue media opportunities.
      5. Plan web, print, online, phone and in person meetings.
    3. Recruit, nurture and empower additional volunteers to help implement outreach strategies for co-op.
    4. Plan and host meetings and info calls.
    5. Develop and refine ongoing marketing plans and engagement strategy to build excitement and keep people involved.
    6. Conduct co-op info sessions and hold public meetings.
  2. Maintain back office infrastructure and communications with participants.
    1. Track sign ups and screen participant roofs.
    2. Respond to inquiries, questions, and concerns of participants.
    3. Provide weekly updates to participants on status of their group, action items, and answers to frequently asked questions.
    4. Identify and respond to issues when program not going well (adaptive management).
    5. Develop and deploy daily online communications strategy on social media, to keep participants engaged with process.
    6. Develop and deploy information sheets for participants based on Florida-specific solar info, such as SRECs 101, FAQs, About Inverters, etc.
    7. Work with the Communications Manager to implement streamlined communications plan that can be replicated and shared for future groups.
  3. Engage installers and track progress for each co-op.
    1. Collect installer selection criteria preferences from participants.
    2. Maintain RFP notification list.
    3. Develop and issue RFPs.
    4. Evaluate RFPs, develop cover sheet for selection committee meetings, and provide materials to participants.
    5. Chair selection committee meetings and facilitate discussion.
    6. Facilitate weekly calls with installers, troubleshoot issues check in on progress, and identify information to communicate to participants in weekly emails.
    7. Evaluate progress and derive metrics and lessons learned for each group.
  4. Improve process and design of bulk purchase programs.
    1. Continually identify opportunities to improve communications with participants to help them better understand solar technology and the bulk purchase process.
    2. Continually improve materials for group, including content and design/look.
    3. Continually improve efficiency of group and process, with the goal of increasing close rates and having a greater impact.
    4. Build a database of media/blog/listserv contacts that can be used to recruit participants or used for policy outreach.
  5. Highlight the successes of solar co-ops through outreach and earned media.
    1. Plan and implement celebration parties after events and invite elected officials, disseminate pictures, and promote press coverage to build visibility of CPN and state networks.

Administration and Fundraising (10%)

  1. Support the further growth of the program via fundraising efforts.
    1. Develop and maintain content on FL SUN website.
    2. Track hours, invoicing, expense accounts, and FL SUN program budget.
    3. Help fundraise, write grants, and pro-actively identify new opportunities for funding for the program, and work to expand and diversify the funding.
    4. Compile and evaluate monthly metrics on the program goals.
    5. Recruit and supervise volunteers and interns.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to https://www.solarunitedneighbors.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/nancy-HOA-1.jpg at jobs@solarunitedneighbors.org.