How we can still stop Exelon and protect D.C. ratepayers

By Ben Delman on October 10, 2015

Yesterday, Mayor Bowser cut a backroom deal with Exelon and settled. This isn’t the end of the fight over Exelon, just the beginning of a new one.

We’ve reviewed Exelon’s proposal. Although the talking points sound good, the reality is that the settlement does not address the PSC’s most important reasons for rejecting the deal.

Mayor Bowser pushed a settlement through despite the fact that the Public Service Commission unanimously agreed that the proposed merger was a bad deal for D.C. because of Exelon’s inherent conflict of interest. She did not solicit input from the community or consult those opposed to the merger. Everything happened behind closed doors with Exelon and Pepco executives.

Mayor Bowser knows this, which is why she is trying to push the PSC to accept the settlement via an “expedited process”. It is extremely important this settlement receive a full review from the PSC, and that the public has an opportunity to comment. Such a process will again demonstrate that Exelon is a bad deal for D.C.

Please contact the PSC and request they open a new case to review the settlement. Anything less would be a failure of due process.

Click here to tell the PSC to open a new case to review this settlement

You can also also call Mayor Bowser’s office to express your outrage at her dealings with Exelon: (202) 727-2643.