Kaleb – East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

By Solar United Neighbors on June 13, 2024

I helped with the installer selection process.

Kaleb – East Petersburg, PA

Lancaster County Solar Co-op

System size: 8.8 kW

Why did you want to go solar in the first place? 

It’s something that my wife and I have talked about for a while. We wanted to be part of the solution, and to show other neighbors on the street that solar can just be a normal thing. We never really thought we could afford it, and we knew our roof was old. We ended up replacing the roof in 2022, and then quickly after I got a letter from the Lancaster Science Factory that there’s this group trying to help people go solar. I watched the live stream of the Solar 101 and got really interested. I thought we could sign up and see what we got for a quote. I helped with the installer selection process. Afterwards when the installer was selected, I was getting separate bids from other installers to see if this was really a good price, and it was. The next closest bid was probably 15-20% higher. We felt like we were getting a really good deal. 

Solar is just part of our house now.  

Would you recommend the co-op? 

Absolutely. In fact, I shared it already with some of my friends locally and my dad.  

I think for a lot of homeowners, being part of a co-op would be really helpful. I went on the SUN website, and there were a lot of really good articles. I think having those resources was helpful.