Ohio Schools Go Solar with the Help of Federal & Local Funding

By Solar United Neighbors on June 21, 2024

You learn something new every day. And soon, five Ohio school districts will learn how to harness the power of the sun. Through the Solar for Schools program, Solar United Neighbors (SUN) is helping these school districts install solar. We’ll provide guidance as they research systems and review bids. 

Participating school districts include East Cleveland, Maple Heights, Euclid City, and Cuyahoga Heights. A fifth school district will be announced soon. The solar installations may begin as soon as 2024. 

Going solar will save these districts money on energy costs, allowing them to re-invest the savings into their students’ educations. The schools will also be protected from rising utility electricity costs in the future. 

In addition to saving the schools money, the solar panels will be a great way for students to learn about energy. Plus, the solar systems will reduce the need for burning fossil fuels. This means better air quality around the schools. Good air quality is important for students’ health, particularly those with asthma. 

This switch to solar power isn’t just good for the schools—it’s good for the whole community. It’ll ease the strain on our energy system, create job opportunities, and help grow clean energy businesses across Ohio.

“These school districts are the perfect place for solar panels,” said Tristan Rader, Ohio Program Director for SUN. “Solar energy will save the schools money on their electric bills. And they’ll put those savings to good use, educating students and setting them up for success.”

Solar for Schools is a joint effort between Cuyahoga County Utility, Cuyahoga Green Energy, and Growth Opportunity Partners (Growth Opps). The program funding comes from grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. Each school district will receive almost a million dollars in grant money. They will also get a forgivable loan, to cover the upfront costs of solar. And finally, the districts will get a payment equivalent to the Inflation Reduction Act clean energy tax credit.

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