Opinion Poll Regarding DC Solar Rebate Program

By Emily Steiver on January 18, 2011

DC has not only been slashing the amount of funding available to the solar rebate program, but they are also considering reductions, possibly significant, to the amount that individuals would receive if they were approved for a rebate.  DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN), which is a consortium of all cooperatives from across DC, conducted an online poll examining the decision point to go solar (in relationship to the size of rebate).   The findings from this survey are available at this LINK.

I think most people expect the rebate to go down, due to: a) the extremely high demand for rebates, and b) the recent raid by DC on the trust fund that was established for this program.  The question at this point is what will be the new formula employed by DC for future rebates.  The survey examines this issue, and also provides perspective on the program from many of our members.  If you have your own opinions on the program, please join our discussion by commenting here.  If you are not a member of DC SUN and would like to join our google listserve, you can find a link to it at www.capitolhillenergycoop.org.