Radio host ‘Big John’ gets big solar system

By Heaven Campbell on August 10, 2018
Big John invited Nancy Vaugh (League of Women Voters of Volusia County) and Heaven Campbell (Solar United Neighbors) to share the Volusia County Solar Co-op on his talk show.

Big John is a long-time talk show host, former Voluisa County Council member, community advocate, and newly minted solar homeowner. Big John and his better-half, Sweetie, joined the Volusia County Solar Co-op after he invited Heaven Campbell and Nancy Vaughn, from the League of Women Voters, on his talk show to share information about the co-op. Big John quickly made the decision to go solar with the co-op, seeing it as a wise investment.

Through the co-op, Big John had a 16.9 kW solar system to power his home in May. He is using some of the electricity he’s generating to power an electric car, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. He also decided to go a step further and install a 16 kWh sonnenBatterie eco 16. Big John relayed that he “didn’t have to do much to get the ball rolling,” because the co-op had organized everything.

Big John next to his electric vehicle.

The driving factor in his choice to pair a battery system with his solar was resilience. Big John’s house is a beautiful oasis that features a magical koi pond. This koi pond is home to 25 giant koi fish. The pond had been powered by a gas generator during power outages. This set-up was loud and required a long drop cord and maintenance to keep the pond and koi fish healthy. The koi pond is now a priority item for the battery system. In addition, his family and pets are now more resilient in his storm-prone area close to the coast. Pairing solar, storage and an EV expanded Big John’s beautiful oasis into a self-sustained resilient home.