Rockville residents choose Standard Energy Solutions and Sustainable Energy Systems as solar co-op bulk installers

By Brandon Walton on July 20, 2015

Members of the Rockville Solar Co-op selected Standard Energy Solutions and Sustainable Energy Systems through a competitive bidding process to complete installation of solar panels on co-op members’ homes. The 100+ member co-op is working with MD SUN to better understand the process of going solar and to leverage their group buying power to go solar together and get a discount off the installation price. Working with the co-op makes the process easier, as members receive technical support from MD SUN throughout the process. Co-op membership is still open to the public until September 7. The City of Rockville and MD SUN are sponsoring the co-op.

Co-op participants chose the installers from multiple submissions. The co-op held a selection meeting to choose among the bids. Co-op members were impressed with both installers’ bids because of their ability to offer quality components at very competitive prices and extensive warranties. This marks the first time a co-op has selected multiple installers. This was done due to the co-op’s large size.

Rockville residents interested in joining the co-op can sign up at the co-op website until September 7. Joining the co-op is not a commitment to purchase panels. Co-op members will have the option to purchase panels based on the group pricing. Each member signs an individual contract with the installer yet benefits from the group pricing. By going solar as a group and choosing a single installer, each participant generally saves up to 20% off the cost of their system.