Solar brewery works to help Alachua County homeowners go solar

By Ben Delman on May 9, 2017
Swamphead Brewery with solar panels
Swamp Head Brewery in Jacksonville, Florida boasts a large solar panel array

In April, FL SUN kicked off the Alachua County Solar Co-op with a launch event at Gainesville’s Swamp Head Brewery. Swamp Head was the first brewery in the state to install solar panels. Swamp Head’s pioneering solar effort makes it a perfect partner for the new co-op.

Swamp Head Brewery installed its solar panels in 2014 as part of the build out of its brewery facility. Swamp Head worked with Gainesville-based Solar Impact to install 57 solar panels on the facility’s roof. In a typical year, those panels will produce roughly 15,000 kWh of electricity, a significant portion of the Brewery’s energy usage.

As members of FL SUN know, reasons to go solar in Florida abound. Whether it’s for energy cost savings, sustainability rationale, energy independence, or community economic development, solar has value to all Floridians. For Swamp Head in particular, the decision was easy.

“We knew we wanted to go solar based on our commitment to sustainability and our location here in the Sunshine State,” said Brandon Nappy, marketing director for Swamp Head. “It seemed like the perfect choice to harness the energy of the sun.”

Since going solar in 2014, the brewery has seen myriad benefits from its solar installation. First and foremost are its electricity bill savings. By producing its own electricity from the solar panels installed on their roof, the brewery has decreased the amount of electricity it purchases from the local utility. This has translated into major savings, upwards of $300 every month.

What’s more, Swamp Head has been able to use its solar power to distinguish itself from other area breweries. “Utilizing solar speaks to the core values of our brand and this helps people understand who we are as a company,” Nappy said. At present, Swamp Head is the only brewery in Florida to power itself with solar.

FL SUN is excited to partner with Swamp Head on the Alachua County Solar Co-op. For more information about the brewery, visit