Solar for All to spark community solar in the District

By Ben Delman on March 29, 2017

As discussed previously, D.C. is now open to Community Solar. The final regulations have passed through the Public Service commission and many people around the city are wondering what’s next. The passage of the final rules for the program aren’t the only hurdle to getting community solar projects up and running across the city. Fortunately, the District’s Solar for All program looks to help District residents overcome these challenges.

There is tremendous competition for roof space across the District for other forms of development besides solar. This includes green roof projects and residential amenities, like roof-decks. D.C. does not have many open fields where systems could be installed either. Additionally, few developers have experience working with community solar.

The Solar for All program looks to provide solar to 100,000 low-income households in the District. In pursuit of that goal, the District Department of Energy and Environment has asked for proposals totaling $8 million dollars to put community solar projects on multi-family buildings, condos, and commercial roof space.

Projects however are starting to happen. If your condo has a good roof—the time to act is now. If there is a church, store, or community center near you with a nice sunny roof, consider reaching out to them about going solar.

Solar for All seeks to build developer confidence and experience with community solar’s new approach to solar. This will jump-start the market for everyone. If you are interested in subscribing to a community solar project, sign up here.