Solar United Neighbors launches Texas program

By Robert Noel on November 19, 2018
New Solar United Neighbors of Texas Program Director Robert Noel.

Welcome to Solar United Neighbors of Texas! I am Robert Noel, Solar United Neighbors of Texas Program Director. I am excited to begin working all across the Lone Star State to educate Texans about the benefits of rooftop solar energy, help them go solar, and strengthen our community of solar supporters. Texas’ energy market is unlike that of any other state. This will present many unique challenges, but also opportunities, as we grow solar here in Texas.

Solar United Neighbors of Texas is the newest program of Solar United Neighbors, a community of people building a new energy system with rooftop solar as the cornerstone. We help people go solar, join together, and fight for their energy rights.

We help thousands of people go solar every year. We work with partners to develop solar co-ops. These co-ops bring communities of neighbors together in a bulk purchase program to make it easy for participants to save on solar. Solar United Neighbors works with co-op participants to help them understand solar technology, solar financing, and the process to install panels on their homes.

Co-op participants work with us to issue a request for proposals to area solar installers. They then form a selection committee to choose the installer bid that best meets the needs of the group. Solar United Neighbors provides installer-neutral advice throughout this selection process. The chosen installer then develops personalized proposals for each co-op participant. Homeowners review this proposal and decide if they want to sign a contract for solar with the co-op installer.

Solar United Neighbors also supports solar through a membership program to help individuals interested in solar. Members have access to a dedicated help desk to get the support they need to go solar when and where they want, on their own schedule. Solar United Neighbors members continue to receive support long after installation. Through the Solar Help Desk, newsletters, meetings, and events, members get answers to questions regarding their system’s performance and receive help understanding emerging technologies and new incentives. Membership welcomes people into a community where they can meet, learn, and have fun with other solar supporters while working to transform America’s energy system.

I’m a proud Texan born in the “Golden Triangle.” A desire for a better, more efficient energy source cultivated my passion for solar and electric vehicles. Before coming to Solar United Neighbors, I worked as a real estate broker. I used this experience to educate Texans about the benefits of rooftop solar. I believe investing in rooftop solar is the best home improvement upgrade a homeowner can make. I love calling Houston home but also exploring new places with my wife, Deborah.

In the next few months, I will begin conversations with communities throughout the state to find the best locations for our first co-ops. If you know of a great location or want to partner with us, please let me know!