Solar United Neighbors partners with Cuyahoga County to spread solar

By Ben Delman on May 17, 2019

Three Cuyahoga County-owned buildings will install solar systems later this year as the beginning of an effort designed to make it easier for all buildings in the county to go solar. Solar United Neighbors worked with the county to develop a competitive bidding process to select an installer and a project developer. As Cuyahoga County decides to add solar to more buildings in the future, it can use this same process to vet proposals to find a quality installer and development partner. The systems are being installed through a power purchase agreement (PPA), meaning there will be no upfront cost to the county.

This competitive bid includes a cooperative purchasing agreement that will enable other Cuyahoga County municipalities, schools, and non-profits to participate in the program as well.

The first solar systems to be installed as part of this effort will provide electricity for the County Medical Examiner’s Office in Cleveland, an animal shelter in Valley View, and the Harvard Road Garage in Newburgh Heights. The installations will produce about 10% of these three buildings energy needs while saving Cuyahoga County taxpayers more than $1 million in energy costs.

Youngstown-based Enerlogics Solar and Athens-based Third Sun Solar will be developing and installing the systems. Cuyahoga County’s Office of Sustainability and Enerlogics Solar are actively working with various County municipalities and school districts to evaluate new projects under the rooftop solar program.

“Solar power is a great way to have a local impact on climate change here in Cuyahoga County,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “Our partnership with Enerlogics Solar, Third Sun Solar and Solar United Neighbors allows us to help both residents and the County save money while also leading change through our commitment to sustainable practices.”

Cuyahoga County has for several years partnered with Solar United Neighbors to develop solar co-ops. These have helped dozens of Cuyahoga County residents go solar. Homeowners interested to participate can click here to join a group.